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Considering the 30-year credibility of the Goharara brand, having an electronic symbol (Inmad) and a real business license gives this business legitimacy and credibility. The electronic symbol is granted by the e-commerce development center of the Ministry of Industry and Mines after examining the online store and matching its operation with the laws, and the online business with the symbol is continuously monitored and reviewed by this organization. For more assurance, you can click on the symbols at the bottom of the main page of the Goharara website to make sure of their authenticity and genuineness. Also, Goharara brand, considering its 30 years of real activity, can go to several branches, all of whose addresses are mentioned below, and do your shopping with ease… In addition to having several thousand customers and providing the services expected by customers, it has created a brilliant record of its activity… Goharara has always been recognized as a leading and popular brand in the field of jewelry by customers, regulatory bodies and supply chains.



Ring for men

Ring full set

Colorful diamond ring


Half set

Colorful half set

Diamond half set


full set

Colorful full set

Diamond full set


Jewel bracelet

Goharara jewellery

  • We have an experienced and professional work team in designing manufacturing, buying and selling gold jewelry
  • We offer the latest and most luxurious types of gold and jewelry in the world
  • Buying and selling gold, jewelry and precious stones
  • Design and create the most elegant jewelry models