Precision in craftsmanship, innovation in design arranging ruby ​​stones alongside clear diamonds

Ruby red is a symbol of love, patriotism and anger, and it is the favorite color of nervous children. In Europe in the late Middle Ages, sapphire was the preferred stone for priests. They put it on a ring and said it came from heaven. Among the red stones, sapphire is the most sought after and the most valuable. After diamond, sapphire is the hardest mineral and in sizes over five carats, it is more valuable than diamond. Sapphire is known as the king of stones among gems. Red ruby ​​has healing properties for the body and mind. This stone is used to treat heart diseases, regulate blood flow, and strengthen glands. Red sapphire increases blood pressure and eliminates fatigue and weakness in the body. It strengthens vision and circulates blood in the eye area. This gem enhances ability, strength, life, courage and positive thoughts. Ruby is known as the Lord of Gems.

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